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24 ตุลาคม 2566

Respect in the workplace is fundamental for creating a healthy and productive work environment where employees can contribute their best. The positive environment means reduced turnover and absenteeism, enhanced engagement, increased innovation, and high job satisfaction. In a competitive global employment scene, the positive work environment is a key consideration by high-value job seekers. Employers may accomplish respectful workplace by promoting conducive corporate values and setting up procedures to implementing corrective measures. A respectful workplace is the one that is free from bullying, discriminationharassment, and victimization. This talk will explain each of these attributes in modern cultural context. Creating a respectful workplace is incumbent upon both the employees and the organisation. Employees may bring their own biases shaped by their upbringing, and prevalent environment whereas organisational culture may foster prejudices. This talk will enable the general employees to tune their own behaviour. In addition, this talk will alert the organisational leaders about the adequacy of existing policy in delivering respectful workplace.

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Dr. Shahadat Chowdhury has been working for the government of New South Wales (NSW), Australia for last 30 years, now occupying a leadership role managing state's water resources. Besides, he was a councillor to Parramatta City Council from 2012-2016, which he won through a public election. He along with his fellow councillors directed the executives who were responsible for managing $185 million annual budget of the 2nd largest city of Sydney with $14 billion (in 2015 dollar) economy.

Dr. Chowdhury was a commissioner of Scouts Australia from 1995 to 2010, and currently holding a '35 years of service' decoration. He was awarded Silver Arrowhead by the Governor General of Australia, Sir William Dean, in 2000 for his excellent service to the scouts. He first obtained his advanced leadership qualification in 1998 from Scouts Australia Institute of Training.

Dr. Chowdhury has been a staff union delegate since 2017, advocating for his work mates. This includes grievances arising from workplace disrespect such as bullying, harassment and discrimination.He is a trained mentor to graduate employees in the public service. He offers developmental talks covering topics from specific water resource challenges to general leadership practices. Internationally, he contributed to projects in Bangladesh, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.

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