Addressing HR Challenges in the New Era: Strategies For Success

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on human resource management (HRM), leading to significant shifts in HRM practices and trends. Studies indicate that the global crisis has created a complex and demanding landscape for organizations, posing challenges for managers and HRM professionals. The rapid changes in the global economy, accelerated by the pandemic, highlight the dynamic nature of the HRM sector at present.

As organizations navigate these challenges, there is a critical need to adopt effective HRM models that optimize human resources. This underscores the importance of staying informed about the latest HR trends for organizational resilience and success.

In response to these developments, this webinar aims to explore the key challenges and opportunities stemming from the pandemic. It will provide valuable insights for senior managers, strategic planners and HRM practitioners seeking to effectively address these emerging issues, aligning their strategies with the evolving HR landscape.

Key Takeaways:

·       Insights into emerging HR challenges and trends

·       Strategies for adapting to the new normal in HR Management

·      Building organizational resilience through innovative HR Practices

·       Best practices and from leading organizations

·       Networking opportunities with world class experts / speakers

·       Future-proofing your HR strategy for long-term success

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Dr. Denis Cauvier is a full-time keynote presenter, trainer, and consultant as well as the best-selling author of 24 books. With over 35 years of experience across the continent, he delivers inspirational messages and provides low-cost, high-impact solutions to address some of the most challenging talent management and leadership issues organizations face.

Dr. Consuelo Waight is a seasoned professor specializing in Human Resource Development (HRD) at the University of Houston, in the United States. She is recognized for her impactful contributions in learning dynamics, mergers and acquisitions, and global HRD strategies. With extensive experience spanning decades, Dr. Consuelo focuses on equipping organizations with practical insights and solutions to navigate HR challenges effectively.

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