Project Management for Executives

8 สิงหาคม 2561

To secure success and sustainability, modern organizations require project management to strengthen their capabilities to enhance competitive advantage and business strategy. By understanding project management, the executives of the organizations can increase project success rate by structuring the organization to the mission-based or project-based organization and being a good sponsor for project teams.

  • Project Management for Executives​
  •  Characteristics of Innovator, Project Manager and Operation Manager
  •  Definition of project success
  •  Definition of output and outcome
  •  4 Types of business strategy
  •  How project management support business strategy?
  •  Definition of project, program, portfolio and project management office (PMO)
  • Bridging "doing the right projects" with "doing the project right"
  • Workshop & Case Study : Business strategy cascade down to project portfolio management
  •  Why CEO, COO, CIO need Project Management?
  •  How to develop project manager competencies?
  •  Project Management Maturity Model
  •  Project management maturity level in organization
  • Setting up organization structure to support project management
  •  Workshop & Case Study : Project Management Maturity Level Assessment
  •  How to drive your business with project management?


The executives of the organization


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